Board President

President’s Blog for March 8, 2018

This week we draw special attention to the congregational meeting this coming Sunday, March 11th. At the annual meeting last spring, attendees strongly suggested that it is time for us to address some of the major maintenance issues related to our church building. Following … read more.

President’s Blog for January 2018

We have begun the New Year with news of Linda’s breast cancer diagnosis. The Board and, I’m sure, the entire congregation will work together to support Linda and to support each other as she moves through this difficult journey. I know she will feel our … read more.

President’s Blog for October 2017

All of us at TUUC are looking forward to our minister, Linda Hart’s, installation this Sunday night at 6:30 p.m.. It will be attended by many UU ministers from across the region along with members from the Vashon fellowship and Linda’s personal friends and associates. … read more.

New Beginnings and a New Program Year

The Board kicked off our new year on Saturday, August 19th with an all-day workshop led by Sarah Schurr, our UUA Pacific Region field representative. We explored the relationship between governance and ministry, and discussed ways to effectively differentiate the roles of each within TUUC. … read more.

Summer Wonder

It’s summertime and many in our congregation, including most on our board members, are away, so I’m spending my summer days pondering what’s ahead. TUUC is at the point of New Beginnings. We have a newly settled minister, Linda, three new board members, and … read more.

Partners in Transformation

About a year ago, the Tahoma UU Congregation entered into a partnership with the Vashon Island Unitarian Fellowship. Our minister, Linda Hart, works with their Board and provides worship service support to the community at Vashon. Both congregations are supporting, and receiving the benefits of, … read more.

How Will We Then Thrive?

Spring is here. We enjoy more light each day. We see buds and new growth in forests and parks, gardens, and backyards. Our wonderful corner of Cascadia is feeling new energy and creating this year’s version of what it means to be the rain-soaked, … read more.