Installation of Our Minister, The Reverend Doctor Linda Ann Hart

Photo memories from the installation of The Reverend Doctor Linda Ann Hart as our settled minister on Sunday, October 29, 2017. The service was held at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Tacoma.         Rev Dr Linda Hart Minister Installation Order of Service                       … Continued

News from our Board of Trustees President

Of prime importance to us on the Board and all of our Tahoma UU Congregation is Linda’s installation on Sunday, October 29th. Please mark that date in capital letters on your calendar and watch for upcoming details. We have recently been told that Helen Sohlberg generously made a bequest to the TUUC building fund in … Continued

Our Chalice Circles 2017-2018

What does it mean to be a people of …  September: Welcome October:  Courage November:  Abundance December:  Hope January:   Intention February:  Perseverance March:  Balance April:  Emergence May:  Creativity June:  Blessing _________________________________________________________________________ Chalice Circles are an important part of our church life. They provide an opportunity to be in a smaller group and explore ideas and possibilities … Continued

Upcoming Programs and Events in Adult Religious Education

Living and Working in the Middle East Saturday, August 12, 2017, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. In the Church Sanctuary Dr. Fatmeh Kassem, an educator, researcher, and group conflict resolution facilitator, will present a talk on life as a Palestinian in Israel, her deep interest in gender studies and peace pedagogy, and her longstanding work with … Continued

No One Is Outside the Circle of Love: UUA General Assembly 2017

The most remarkable thing that happened at UUA General Assembly transpired after everyone went home. On Saturday night, the last night of the annual meeting of Unitarian Universalists in New Orleans, defense attorney and author of Just Mercy, Bryon Stevenson, gave the Ware Lecture focused on restorative justice. The two thousand people who packed the hall had … Continued

Changes Ahead

Dear Friends, I want to let you know that I have made the decision to welcome the unexpected guest of change into my life by accepting a full-time position as the Director of Lifespan Religious Education at the Mount Diablo UU Congregation in Walnut Creek, CA, beginning in August. While this specific change was not … Continued

Partners in Transformation

About a year ago, the Tahoma UU Congregation entered into a partnership with the Vashon Island Unitarian Fellowship. Our minister, Linda Hart, works with their Board and provides worship service support to the community at Vashon. Both congregations are supporting, and receiving the benefits of, Matt Aspin’s ministerial internship. In early April, the Boards of … Continued


Happy! Lucky me. Lucky us. I get to share the good news that the Rev. Dr. Linda A. Hart is a candidate to become the settled minister for the Tahoma Unitarian Universalist Congregation! In late January, a Task Force of five TUUC members convened conversations in which about 70 congregants: discussed their experiences during Linda’s … Continued

Reverse Offering Results

On Sunday, February 12, those attending the service had the chance to get an offering from the church.  There were $20 bills in envelopes taped under the seats in the sanctuary claimed by whoever was sitting nearby.  The requirements of receiving the offering were to do something kind with it and to let us know what … Continued

Hart to Hearts

It is a time when hyperbole is easy to fall into. Social media seems to be always exploding with the latest outrage or triumph, and it’s hard to not get carried along. But, as I said after the election, the work we are called to do in the world hasn’t changed: we still want answer … Continued