Following worship services on second Sundays, join a Chalice Circle open to anyone who would like to attend. The group will begin with any thoughts/reflections/comments about the morning service as a way to get centered, and then focus on the month’s Chalice Circle theme and sharing. Doug Taylor facilitates this monthly open Chalice Circle.

Our monthly Soul Matters Chalice Circle themes for September 2019 – May 2020:

September: Expectation February: Wisdom
October:  Belonging March:  Liberation
November:  Attention April:  Wholeness
December:  Awe May:  Thresholds
January:   Integrity


The Soul Matters program materials used by our Chalice Circle groups are available in print at the church. Feel free to:

  • explore one of the spiritual exercises
  • find a question to consider that resonates with you
  • read poems, articles, quotes, and books
  • watch videos and movies
  • listen to podcasts and themed music

all connected to the theme of the month.