Goodies from Worship – April 19, 2020

This morning’s service had some wonderful music included.  Our first song was written by Rev. Thomas Mikelson and has a beautiful tune.  Rev. Linda received word this morning that Rev. Mikelson died in the night after living with Alzheimer’s disease.  When contacted by a member of our congregation about using his words, his wife declared her delight that they would be sung.  If you want to listen again, you can listen to it here:  Wake Now My Senses

Rev. Lynn Unger’s muse is in full time residence during the pandemic.  Her words have been included in our services several times as they speak to this moment.  On The Other Side was our reading this morning if you’d like to sit with it more.

Spirit of Life written by Carolyn McDade is a long time favorite among Unitarian Universalists.  Listen again here.

Rudy Francisco’s poem “Yes” was our meditation today.  Francisco’s book Helium is filled with amazing poems.  You can find him at his website and listen to him speak his poetry.