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One Giant Leap

How would you design a spaceship to carry people to another star?

Dr. Daniel Heath teaches at Pacific Lutheran University, and led students through a semester long process of considering how to make that happen using current technology. He will share their process and discuss the implications for our world today.

After the service, stay to discuss the implications for our world today. Our youth group will be selling pizza as a fund raiser for a scholarship fund to attend Cons.

Although a mathematician by training, Daniel “deej” Heath has interests in many areas in and out of science. An early pioneer in the maker movement, he builds or makes many of his own tools and furniture.

This was, however, his first attempt to build a starship.

Handle With Care: I’m Fragile

Today’s conversations often fall back onto the subject of “racism” or “white privilege.” What if we were asked this question: “How has your life been shaped by your race?” That is definitely something that would give us pause to reflect. Yet the answer to that question should give us some insight into our world. When we cannot adequately express what it means to be white, it would be impossible to know what it means to not be white, but a person of color. Let’s talk about White Fragility and some of the myths about racism that are a part of church life.