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A Way of Going

A journey requires both a destination and map. Our intuition about the destination points us in the right direction and our map is the way we choose to live.

Youth-Led Worship Service

Our Youth Group are in charge of the service this week! Lots of music, thoughtful reflections and perhaps a few surprises. It’s always a special worship service. You don’t want to miss it.
Some questions our youth will explore: What is spirituality? How do our actions shape our spirituality? What does spirituality in UUism look like? What do we believe?

Come Together: Creating Covenental Communities

Unitarian Universalists are unique; instead of uniting behind a single creed or statement of belief, we instead unite as a covenental community. Covenant means “to come together by making a promise.” We will discuss the context of covenental relationships and why being one can create … read more.