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Hart to Hearts for March 25, 2020


A student once asked anthropologist Margaret Mead what she considered to be the first sign that a culture had become civilized. You might rightly think that it would be something like a tool for sowing seed, or a fishhook, but Mead replied that it … read more.

Abundance and Generosity: A Homily

There are lessons that we have to learn over and over again. Many of them aren’t all that hard, but they don’t take the first, second or seventh or eighth time. Some of those lessons we never get completely right, or forget too easily … read more.

Worship and More: Find Us Online

Last Sunday we continued to learn about how to make an online community for worship.  This time the sanctuary was without worshippers.  Only our Intern Minister, Erien Babcock, Cindy Hackett, our Board Member, and I were in the room.  Honestly, it felt empty and … read more.

Updates About Sunday, March 8 Worship Service

The Reverend Doctor Linda Ann Hart

This Sunday, we’re offering the opportunity to participate in worship via a virtual environment this week. This plan is our best wisdom at this time, given public health recommendations for Pierce County, Breck Lebegue (who has been encouraging our … read more.

COVID-19 and Us

We’ve had a few questions about our response to the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Here’s you’re go to place to get answers about our response.

In the middle of January, we began shifting some of our usual practices in the congregation.  An early alert … read more.

Making a Difference

At our Auction in the fall, we raised money for doing some social justice work in the community. At a Collaboration meeting in early February, a group of discussed and came up with opportunities to use the funds to help us do some direct … read more.


I served a congregation in Woodstock, Vermont back in the mid-1990s. I learned about winter weather. And a LOT about snow.

It might have been the first time we had a big snow that I decided to not preach the sermon that I had planned, but … read more.

Running Into the New Year

Lucille Clifton wrote:

i am running into a new year
and the old years blow back
like a wind
that i catch in my hair
like strong fingers like
all my old promises

Full poem here.

If you’re like me, you’ve been ruminating about all the usual things … read more.

Throwing Stars

There’s a often told story about a beach that was covered with dying starfish that had been swept ashore by a storm. One person was walking along and spotted another person who seemed busy at a task among the creatures filling the beach. … read more.