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Dreaming a Different World

When I was working with homeless teens in Chicago early in my ministry, I attended a conference on teen pregnancy hosted by the University of Chicago.  The panel of experts included doctors, social workers, psychologists, and front line social service agency workers.  I have … read more.

When Words Don’t Come

There are times in life when it’s hard to figure out what to say.  Comforting someone who has lost a beloved family member, for example.  There are no words to meet that grief adequately, the small, clumsy ones we use never feel like they are … read more.

Homily: What Gets Us Through

A few weeks ago, Barbara Child mentioned that she wouldn’t be going back to Kent for the 50 year commemoration of the killing of four students on the Commons at Kent State University. In a private Facebook group she shared some memories of that day … read more.

Goodies from the May 3 Worship Service

Our Sunday service, Rev Linda reflected on the 50th anniversary of the shootings at Kent State University starting with words by Rev. Barbara Child.  Rev. Child was an English professor at Kent State that year and was on the Commons when the shots rang … read more.

Goodies from Worship – April 19, 2020

This morning’s service had some wonderful music included.  Our first song was written by Rev. Thomas Mikelson and has a beautiful tune.  Rev. Linda received word this morning that Rev. Mikelson died in the night after living with Alzheimer’s disease.  When contacted by a … read more.

News and Updates from Rev. Linda

We are right around a month into sheltering in place.  The shift from our usual life in the congregation has been abrupt and disorienting, but I think we are finding our way.  Have you been to our online worship services?  We are still gathering … read more.

Hart to Hearts for March 25, 2020


A student once asked anthropologist Margaret Mead what she considered to be the first sign that a culture had become civilized. You might rightly think that it would be something like a tool for sowing seed, or a fishhook, but Mead replied that it … read more.

Abundance and Generosity: A Homily

There are lessons that we have to learn over and over again. Many of them aren’t all that hard, but they don’t take the first, second or seventh or eighth time. Some of those lessons we never get completely right, or forget too easily … read more.