Questions, Questions, Questions!

On Sunday, August 12, I answered questions generated in the service.  I collected up index cards that had questions written on them and selected the ones that I would answer.  As it turned out, it was only a few questions out of the big … read more.

So You Want to Talk About Race: Getting Started

Our Racial Justice/White Fragility book group will be beginning on Wednesday, September 26 and the first book will be Ijeoma Oluo’s So You Want to Talk About Race. It’s a pragmatic and practical guide to talking about race. It offers us a common vocabulary and … read more.

Watch This Space!

The staff (Susie Maharry, Nancy Slocum, Libby Ball and I) gathered one July afternoon to do some planning for the year.  There are some exciting opportunities for gathering and connecting coming up this year.  Watch the weekly E-news to find out what’s coming up!  … read more.

These Are the Best

Back in the years when I was in seminary, I heard a story about a colleague of one of the large churches. He had been a successful minister, but knew a lot of grief and loss in his life. One teenaged child had drown … read more.

Hart to Hearts: Broken Hearts

“You should say something about that school shooting!” my internal voice scolded. “It’s horrible and people are hurting!”

Ministers often face this kind of situation. Shocked and feeling more numb than in pain, I had no words to say, nothing to write, no wise proclamations, … read more.

Hart to Hearts: Miracle Cures

I know this will come as a big shock to most of you, but not everything you read on the internet is true. As I begin the long journey of treatment for cancer, I’m discovering again the level of wild tales that out there. … read more.

The Work of Christmas

Back in the 1990s when I worked for the Night Ministry, we held an annual Christmas dinner. It took place in the basement of a nearby Presbyterian church, and it was a grand event. Churches donated cooked turkeys, buckets of mashed potatoes and stuffing, … read more.

Keeping Sane in Chaotic Times

I don’t know about you, but too often lately, I’ve felt a total overload in my nervous system.  Some of it has to do with the feeling that pretty much everything around me is in chaos.  Our government at the top levels seems to be … read more.

A Prayer for Peace

Spirit of love and of life, come and rest upon us, within us for these few moments of calm.

Quiet my striving and allow me a time for breath, for silence, a time to let go of all longings and desire. May I simply be here … read more.

Keeping On

The rally was going to be held at Chinese Reconciliation Park. I was dressed in black and sporting my bright yellow Standing on the Side of Love stole, so I stood out in the crowd. The organizers I asked if I’d be able to … read more.