Our congregation attracts members for reasons as individual as each person. Here are some of our stories:

The Unitarian Universalist covenant describes the person I strive to be. I joined TUUC for the joy of community among others who honor these ideals.

I came here over a year ago, I loved the inclusivenes and openness. After my first visit I left with the feeling that this would be my new church home. It was like when you are dating and finally date that one person that feels like part of you.

Wisdom and insights – they are here in many forms.

I come to this place to connect with humanity in a way I don’t find anywhere else. It is a place for me to find “joy in the struggle.”

I come to TUUC for the moments of spiritual peace and awareness, as well as the close, meaningful connections that make my life complete.

I am grateful for being welcomed into the family.

I have been a member of TUUC for all of my 14 years. I love coming here because the people are so nice and welcoming. I’m on the audio team for the church. I control the sound for the service. I am the youngest and first girl on the team.