Our Beautiful and Fragile Hearts

My dear friends,

I believe in the strength of power of love.  I believe in the tenacity and strength of our hearts.  And I know that at this moment, there is too much broken-heartedness in the world.

I have spent the last weheart by hands with sunsetek struggling as the Kavanaugh nomination, hearing, and subsequent limited investigation have played out. As a #metoo survivor, I find it very difficult and painful to watch the drama unfold.  My social media is studded with women and men who are triggered and also reliving sexual trauma and assault.  The ongoing assault on Dr. Ford continues with ridicule and ongoing disbelief that she might know what happened to her.

I suspect that there are few of you who don’t know someone who is suffering in this way.  What we know about assault of women would indicate that every one of us has a connection — and quite likely a close one — with someone who was experienced some sort of abuse or assault.  The trauma that threads through our communities is being revealed in a big way.

For those of you who are struggling now with your own response:  I see you.  I believe you.  You are loved and worthy.

For those of you who are supporting a beloved friend or companion:  Thank you for being there for all of us.  Your care matters more than we can say.

It is a time for gentleness and self care.  Taking breaks from social media, making time for friends, quiet walks, naps, massage, yoga:  whatever works for you to calm your nervous system and allows you to be at ease in your own heart.

And remember that one of the best strategies around is that of Active Hope as it is described by Joanna Macy:

Active Hope is a practice. Like tai chi or gardening, it is something we do rather than have. It is a process we can apply to any situations and it involves three key steps. First, we take a clear view of reality; second, we identify what we hope for in terms of the directions we’d like things to move in or the values we’d like to see expressed; and third, we take steps to move ourselves or our situations in that direction.

Finding the movement into a future that we can imagine is the work of active hope, it keeps us moving toward what we love.

I believe in the power of love in the midst of brokenness, and the possibility of working toward change and healing.  I believe in your beautiful and fragile heart no matter what has happened to you.

I am sending out love and light to every one of you in this difficult and troubling time.


If you need a listening ear, or extra support in this difficult time, the National Sexual Assault Hotline is available to you.  Their website is here or you can call them at 800-656-4673.