All Souls: The Unitarian Universalist Way

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More than two hundred years ago Unitarians and Universalists were in the vanguard of a revolt against the Puritan idea of a world divided between the saved and unsaved, between good and bad people. We declared universal divine love and the worth of all. How might we live out our beliefs in universal love and the inherent worth of all today? Wendy Pantoja Castillo will share stories of immigrants in Tacoma and the Northwest Detention Center, as well as explode some myths, challenging us to look at the challenges with new eyes.

Wendy, born in Mexico, has long worked to stand shoulder to shoulder with other immigrants in the struggle for survival and justice. She visits those held in our immigration prison weekly and is a leader in the Northwest Detention Center Resistance. Professionally, she works to obtain health care for all the people at Pierce County Community Access.