Handle With Care: I’m Fragile

Today’s conversations often fall back onto the subject of “racism” or “white privilege.” What if we were asked this question: “How has your life been shaped by your race?” That is definitely something that would give us pause to reflect. Yet the answer to that question should give us some insight into our world. When we cannot adequately express what it means to be white, it would be impossible to know what it means to not be white, but a person of color. Let’s talk about White Fragility and some of the myths about racism that are a part of church life.

Rev. Vincent Lachina has served as Planned Parenthood’s Northwest Regional Chaplain for almost 14 years, providing support to patients and community members in Washington, Northern Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, and now the Hawaiian Islands. This is a unique position since it is the only chaplain position is Planned Parenthood in the US. Additionally, Rev. Lachina works to create an active network of progressive congregations in the Northwest who support reproductive justice for women, currently numbering more than 750.

For our worship service this Sunday, Tony Cantrick will provide special music on the piano from Chopin and Mozart.