Lamentation, Imagination, Creation

This worship is for those of you who are still a bit hung over with grief from the past year or the year we’ve just begun, and are gingerly trying to muster hope. We Unitarian Universalists are known for our optimism. We don’t grieve well. We aren’t versed in the ways of lamentation. And yet that is the way through to a new way. Come let us lament together and then imagine and create.

Rev. Tandi Rogers is one of our affiliated community ministers. She is multi-vocational: teaching at both Meadville Lombard Theological School and Seattle University’s School of Theology & Ministry, spiritual director in private practice, and having served the Unitarian Universalist Association for almost 20 years, is a learning strategist and coordinator of a new initiative helping congregation practice covenant and engage healthy conflict. Rev. Tandi has been a member of TUUC for 30 years and was ordained by our congregation in 2013.

Music from our worship service:

“Circle Round for Freedom”


“My Own Two Hands”