What’s Most Important

Love is central to Unitarian Universalism.  So too, are values such as interdependence, justice, conscience, and the free and responsible search for truth and meaning.  Since the inception of Unitarian Universalism, we have gathered in covenant grounded in shared values, principles, and purposes.  Ours is a living tradition.  This involves taking the time and making the effort to figure out together what is most important for our faith and continuing to move forward.

In 2020, the Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) created an Article II Study Commission and charged them to review and propose any revisions to Article II of the UUA Bylaws.  Article II of the UUA Bylaws, Principles and Purposes, is the covenantal foundation for all of the work of the UUA and its member congregations and covenanted communities.  This is where we find the Principles and Sources many of us have come to know as defining tenets of Unitarian Universalism.

Charged with helping lead us to be a relevant and powerful force for spiritual and moral growth, healing, and justice, the Article II Commission conducted a multi-year process involving conversations, focus groups, individual interviews, surveys, draft language, feedback sessions, and congregational studies all culminating in their 2023 report.  You can view the full report here https://www.uua.org/files/2023-02/article-II-study-report-2021-23.pdf

The main crux of this work has been to propose revisions to Article II of the UUA Bylaws articulating our core UU theological values.  Unitarian Universalists voted at General Assembly this past June to continue another year of study and to pass a few amendments to the proposed revisions.  The UUA Board of Trustees is working hard to incorporate these amendments to provide the updated language we will vote on next year.  Engaging in this exciting process provides us the opportunity to join our fellow UUs in defining our faith for the next generation.

Please join us this Sunday as we discuss what is most important in Unitarian Universalism and where we want to go together.


We will have a multi-platform service. You can attend in-person, OR you can also attend via our online Zoom option.


Join us for worship service via Zoom Webinar at: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84755311106?pwd=bmpQblllOVNoUjdpUm5oVHk5cWx2dz09

Webinar ID: 847 5531 1106, Password: 253

You can also listen on your phone by dialing 253-215-8782 with Webinar ID: 847 5531 1106 and Password 253 to hear the worship service.

The Zoom Webinar room opens at 10:15 a.m., and you’ll be greeted in our online chat by our Sunday Chat Chaplain.