We’ll Get Through This Together: Update on Worship and Gatherings

Yesterday as I walked our black Lab Cooper, I found myself tuned into the beauty around the apartment complex where we live.  There was  a small globe of moss that had fallen off a nearby tree, seafoam green on the deep green grass.  Hyacinths were blooming next to the mailboxes.  The ornamental cherry trees were in full and glorious bloom.  It was a sunny morning, and the warmth on my back was delicious.  I breathed a little easier.  It was a respite in the midst of the turmoil of worry about COVID19, the Presidential primary, and all the rest of the mess that seems to be surrounding us right now.

Stop and take a breath.  I wish I could remember to do that more often.  That breath is what I wait for in our worship each week.  Even when leading worship, the time of shared stillness is a moment of nourishment for me.

Stop and take a breath.

The Board, staff and I have been in conversation about how we as a congregation weather this time together.  As of this week, our building will be closed until at least the end of March.  Our staff will be working from home most of the time, and only in the building occasionally.  We ask that those of you who have access to keys to the building respect this closure and find alternatives for your face to face meetings in the church. Our Zoom account is available for those of you who want to hold meetings or other gatherings online.  We’re still working on how to streamline reservations for it.  We will continue to figure out how to be better connected during this time.

Erien, our Ministerial Intern, and I will be offering opportunities to hang out online via Zoom, and we’ll be offering other opportunities for connection, learning, and reflection as the weeks go by.

We are in this together, friends.  Check on your friends and neighbors, especially those who are at risk.  Take good care of yourself and your loved ones.  Reach out if you need help or simply need someone to listen.

We’ll get through this fearful time together.

Sending love and strength to you all,