Worship and More: Find Us Online

Last Sunday we continued to learn about how to make an online community for worship.  This time the sanctuary was without worshippers.  Only our Intern Minister, Erien Babcock, Cindy Hackett, our Board Member, and I were in the room.  Honestly, it felt empty and a little sad, but we were so focused on getting everything organized for the service, that the loneliness slid away.  Especially after we got started, and knew that many of you were joining us, we relaxed a little into the new rhythm.

Those of you who were online know that the Rev. Tandi Rogers, one of our affiliated community ministers, served as our greeter and guide in the Zoom Chat room.  As the chalice was kindled, many of those in attendance light a candle in their own homes and shared that the chalice was lit there, too:  Puyallup, Federal Way, Gig Harbor, North J St, South J St, and more.  We were together.  Throughout the service candles were lit in our bowl of joys and sorrows.  Some of those were shared in the chat, many were simply lit for the joys and sorrows that we know are a part of our everyday life.

Online worship is how we’ll gather on Sundays for at least through the end of April.  We’ll be experimenting with how to make this accessible for as many people as possible.  One way that it’ll be accessible is through our YouTube channel.  There are a couple of videos up there already.  There’s Erien’s sermon from March 8, and an edited version of the March 15 service.  You can see the March 15 service right here:


Each week we’ll be posting an edited version of the service that will include the Time for All Ages, a meditation, and a homily.

Other online activities are in the works.  More soon.

Sending love the the light of a chalice out to you all!

Rev. Linda