Worship Goodies from April 5 “Mothers for All” with Erien Babcock

We’re providing some resources and other goodies that were part of the service on April 5.  Check our blog weekly to access to the poetry and music we’re using in our online worship.

Lynn Unger’s poetry has been a balm for many in our services.  Her poem Persephone was our meditation.  It’s not on her website yet, so we’re sharing the image and poem that she posted on Facebook.  (Click on the image to make it larger and easier to read.)

Her poem Pandemic was the inspiration for the music that ended our service.  You might want to print out Lynn’s words to read along with the singing.  Enjoy it again!

Our opening words were from poet Lupytha Hermin:

Be yourself
Accept yourself
Value yourself
Forgive yourself
Bless yourself
Express yourself
Trust yourself
Love yourself
Empower yourself
If you’re interested in finding out more about Candomblé, this Washington Post video provides more information about the religion and its status where it was found.
Finally, if you’d like to see the presentation (Another Meaning of the World: Lessons from Afro-Atlantic Religions for Traumatic Times) that sparked this reflection you can find it here.