A Prayer for Peace

Spirit of love and of life, come and rest upon us, within us for these few moments of calm.

Quiet my striving and allow me a time for breath, for silence, a time to let go of all longings and desire. May I simply be here without worry or wish

In the quiet of our hearts, pour in peace. Not only the absence of striving, not only the absence of conflict, but the fullness of peace that may be.

Peace – embodied in how we treat each other, into the world in compassion and care, shown in the world by acts of justice and of mercy

Peace – know by the safety of children and those who are vulnerable

Peace – created by each of the earth’s children within and beyond, building a web that links each to all to the boundaries of all that is.

Into our hearts, pour this presence of peace, we pray.

Spirit of love and of life, Thou who animates our lives,
the world in its trouble and chaos cries out for the blessing of peace.

May we be those who draw together the threads of peace
found in the beauty of the earth that surrounds us,
found in common and simple acts of kindness and compassion that fill the world

May we draw together the threads of peace and weave them, weave peace for our weary, beloved world.

In the quiet of these moments, may we open our hearts to the presence of peace.

So may it be,
World without end,

(Sunday prayer October 1, 2017)