Affirming Trans* Lives

On Thursday morning, Affiliate Minister Tandi Rogers and I headed up to the First United Methodist Church in Renton to attend a very special event:  the launch of Washington Won’t Discriminate.  A group called “Just Want Privacy” is attempting to overturn equal rights for trans* people that have been in force without any issues for 10 years, and are collecting signatures for to get I-1515 on the ballot.  A broad coalition of clergy of many faith traditions, business owners, law enforcement, agencies who work with victims of sexual violence, as well as trans* people and their families gathered to oppose the initiative.

Tandi and Linda

It was a great gathering of high energy and a joyful affirmation of those members of our community who need our support, compassion and activism.

On Sunday, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about trans* issues in a service led by our youth who invite us to learn and open our hearts.  I hope I’ll see you there!