UU Freethinking Mystics on Zoom

Date(s) - 02/14/2021
9:00 am - 10:15 am


UU Freethinking Mystics on Zoom
Second Sundays
9:00—10:15 a.m.

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Meeting ID: 820 6665 2490
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We are members and friends of Unitarian Universalism walking the path of spiritual experience and growth as it unfolds in our lives. We come to this safe, caring, authentic, compassionate group for inspiration, to study, and to explore our direct experience of the fullness and mystery of life.
The group is facilitated by Doug Taylor.

This Sunday we will begin our exploration, discussion, and experience of “Learning How to See” utilizing the podcast series by Brian McLaren, Jacqui Lewis, with Richard Rohr.
For our Sunday discussion:
Episode One “Learning How to See: Why Can’t We See?
“What is Contemplative Prayer and Why is it so Needed?” with Fr. Richard Rohr

As always, please feel free to share, invite and bring kindred spirits!  Remember that it is not required to read/listen to the materials or answer any questions about the topic beforehand. The power is in your presence which contributes to the energy and richness of the group!

Questions for Contemplation:
1. What is your understanding and experience of “seeing?”
2. What influences and determines “what” and “how” you “see?”
3. How do we learn to “see” pre-critical, pre-rational inclinations and patterns in ourselves and others which tend to cloud and distort our ability to “see” clearly?
4. What are and where do these “precritical, prerational inclinations and patterns” come from?
5. What is the “contemplative mind” and your experience of it?”
6. What is the purpose and value of “learning how to see?”

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