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Personal Stewardship

It’s that magical time of year- resolution season!

My birthday is New Year’s Eve, which makes me a Capricorn. What are we known for? Planning! Goal setting! And moving with goat-like sturdy stubbornness towards achieving our goals.

As such, this makes New Year’s Eve is doubly … read more.

Meeting My Ancestors

Several years ago, I participated in a “Diversity Event” at work. It was a celebration of the many different cultures represented by the staff in our agency. Many of my co-workers were immigrants or first-generation Americans, hired, in part, because they were bilingual and could … read more.

Rummage Sale Reflections and Auction Dreams

“The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give it away.”

The moment I realized I wanted to join a church was at an event called Blintzapalooza at Temple Beth Hatfiloh in Olympia. Blintzapalooza is Temple Beth Hatfiloh’s annual fundraiser, … read more.

President’s Blog September 2018

Reflections on the Recent Past

In August the Board of Trustees took our annual retreat. The concept of a day(s) long retreat is nothing new for organizations. The stated goal is usually to take an extended period of time away to reflect, plan and grow together … read more.

President’s Blog for June 2018

This is my final blog as TUUC Board president. It has been a wonderful year highlighted by the honor of installing Linda as our settled minister. She has truly led the way for us to become a forward-thinking congregation. It has been an exciting time … read more.

President’s Blog for May 2018

I must begin this blog with a huge thank you to Tori Brewster and Eli Grandin-Rood. They brought enthusiasm and a fresh spirit to the pledge drive this year. They were thoughtful and creative and made every effort to involve new people in the pledge … read more.