Worship Service

Date(s) - 11/26/2023
10:30 am - 11:45 am



Hopepunk: essential tales of optimism

Unfashionable? Sure. Obstinate? You bet. And yet tales of optimism (“hopepunk”) are increasingly winning against stories of doom (“grimdark”). Which stories will help us create a better world?

This Sunday we will have a multi-platform service. You can attend in-person, OR you can also attend via … read more.

Singing Together

Every now and then I am asked about how we can be a church if we don’t all believe the same thing. “We need not think alike to love alike” is a saying included our hymnal, a saying attributed to Francis David (the Transylvanian Unitarian … read more.

The Feast of Losses

Poet Stanley Kuntz writes “How shall the heart be reconciled to its feast of losses?” We explore the difference between being broken apart and being broken open

Water Service

Everyone is welcome to take part in our annual sharing of water to celebrate the beginning of the church year. We’ll sing, tell stories, and remember where we’ve been over the summer.

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