From the Minister for March 2, 2022

The Reverend Doctor Linda Ann Hart

Beloved Friends,

The Board and I continue to monitor the risk level for Pierce County on, and I admit that I’m frustrated that the numbers remain high. On the other hand, I am hopeful that we’ll be able to be back in the building for worship service before the end of March. I’ve got my eye on March 20, but we’ll make a splashy announcement when we know for sure. Also, with the arrival of milder weather, we’ll be able to return to social time in Wapato Park soon, and maybe even have a social time outdoors at the church itself.

To make coming back into the building for worship accessible to the most people, we’ll continue to ask you to use a high quality mask while you’re in the building.

In addition, we’re preparing to have a children’s corner in the sanctuary to make it possible for families to attend as they’re ready to do so. It’ll have soft toys, some art supplies, and have an adult there to monitor and assist as needed. Imagine that we can have a Time for All Ages on the steps at the front of the sanctuary! How lovely will that be.

Finally, as we move toward whatever the new normal is, I invite you to join me in a practice of noticing and sharing through the season of Lent. Every day, I’ll be posting a picture on our congregation’s Facebook page following the themes set up by #UULent, and you’re invited to join me in the practice.


Day by day we’ll find

what life is like now,

breathe into what it means

now to be open and alive.


With love,