From the Minister for July 10, 2022


Those of you who were in worship this last week will know that I came home for our General Assembly meetings energized and excited about the work we did there. There were changes made to how we do business and it made a big difference. The changes helped delegates be more grounded in our theology, increased the interaction between delegates, and replaced a procedural microphone with an information table where delegates could ask questions and express concerns. The gatherings for business were more pleasant than I can remember them being in all my time as a minister. As I mentioned on Sunday, as we begin the work of revisiting our Mission, Vision, and Covenant this year, and as we review our By-Laws, I trust that we’ll bring a lens like the UUA has used to transform our ways of being together and what we see to do and be in the world.

Watch for opportunities to watch and discuss the theological reflections with me. Each one offers a perspective about what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist in these times. The first will be on August 17 at 7:00 p.m. on Zoom. We’ll listen to Dr. Dan McKanan who teaches at Harvard Divinity School. Watch the ENews for more details. Others will be scheduled through the fall.

Our Weekly ENews is moving to every other week for the rest of the summer. There’s this ENews this week, and then every other week for the rest of the summer.

I’m offering a new program this year called Wellspring that’s been used in many UU congregations. It’s a year long opportunity to deepen your spiritual life along with other friends and members. The program relies on our UU Sources ( as a framework and includes spiritual practices, deep listening and reflection with the group, as well as personal work on your own. Drop me an email ( if you’re interested in learning more about it. Watch for an information session after church in August.

As we move into July, I keep hoping that summer will arrive and stay. I’m ready for sunshine and dry days to get outside and enjoy the beauty of where we live. I’ll be taking vacation from July 20 to August 9, and will take time for walking beaches, reading, and quality time with Peter.