From the Minister for June 22, 2022


Beloved friends,

When you read this, I’ll be deep into Ministry Days, the gathering of UU ministers that precedes our General Assembly. This year it’s in Portland, OR, so close to home. There’s excellent worship, amazing speakers (adrienne marie brown and Ibram X. Kendi to name two), friends so see and catch up with, and, of course, the business of both the UU Minister’s Association and the UUA. It’s oddly both exhausting and restorative.

And all of you will have a chance to experience the 9:30 a.m. Sunday morning worship either at your home at or at a watch party at the church. I can assure you that the preaching and storytelling will be stellar and the music amazing.  You won’t want to miss it.

As we slide into summer, the Board and I are working to enact the changes and processes I outlined in my minister’s report. Unlike most summers, I’ll be working through most of July, so we’ll be plotting out what our mission, vision, and covenant process will be, working through the steps to make an administration transition, and sorting out our plans for the rest of the year.

We’ll continue with our multiplatform worship to make our services accessible to the most folks. For those who come in person, we’re serving coffee outside after the services again. As we continue to open more, we need folks in the congregation to support our in-person services. We need people to make coffee (there’s training for how to do it, and company in the preparation) and to greet people at the front door. You can contact me (link to email) to volunteer, or when someone calls to invite you to support our Sunday services (or other essential tasks), say yes.

In late July, I’ll take some vacation time, and Peter and I will get away for some restorative time at the beach. May you find your restorative time however your summer emerges.  At the beach, walking in Point Defiance Park, looking at the progression of flowers in your neighborhood, or picnicking with friends and family.


Rev. Dr. Linda A. Hart