From the Minister for March 29, 2022

Beloved friends,

Spring is slowly coming into itself. The ornamental cherry trees that line our street are in full flower and it’s raining pink petals. The fluffy trees encourage my shoulders to relax and encourage a full breath every time I drive somewhere. I hope your spring is coming along, too.

This coming Sunday I’ll be speaking to the Vashon Island Fellowship online, and our affiliated community minister, Tandi Rogers, will be on hand to offer our Tahoma UU service. I hope you all will find your way to service on Sunday.

We’ll be worshiping both in person and online this week, so make your reservation to come along, if you’re comfortable with being there. We’re wearing high-quality masks still, and running air purifiers, and fans to circulate the air, and keeping the windows open to keep us all as safe as we can. Remember that kids are welcome in our service, and have a corner of their own to be in if they wish. It’s been really cheering to see some familiar and new young faces in attendance.

Are you keeping up with #UULent on our Facebook page or trying your own version of it? Today’s word is Art, and I shared a picture of the statue that you might have seen in our Zoom services. It’s three dancing women, and it’s been in my life for almost 50 years now. I fell in love with it when I was working in a department store – my first job. It was more than I could reasonably spend, but when it was slightly damaged and marked down, a coworker put it away so that I would have a chance to buy it. It’s traveled all around with me, and though it’s a bit worse for all the travel, it still fills me with joy to look at it.

What’s filling you with joy these days? Send me your answer at, and I’ll share the joy around.



Rev. Dr. Linda A. Hart