From the Minister for March 9, 2022 and #UULent Practice

Beloved Friends,

This spring is starting out much more antsy than most I can remember. I’m ready to SPRING FORWARD this weekend, to have more light at the end of the day. Even with that promise of longer evenings, the rain seems more lingering, the sunny skies not as present as I want them to be, and the roller coaster of case numbers in Pierce County continue to lurch up and down. The good news this week is that the lurch is downwards into the risk zone in which we can meet in person again. Crossing my fingers and holding my breath (a little at least), we’re setting our sights on opening on Sunday, March 20 for a multiplatform service. Aligned with our policy, we’ll be opening reservations for in person attendance on Tuesday, March 15. While you are in the building, you’ll need to wear a high-quality mask and maintain social distance. High-quality masks will be available at the front door of the church, if you don’t already have one. If the weather cooperates, we may hold a gathering over in Wapato Park to offer a little more opportunity for face to face connection. Just keep an eye on the weekly E-news to know what’s next.

I’m continuing with the #UULent process of posting a picture every day according to a suggested theme. Today’s theme was “alone” and I shared the picture of a single blossom from one of the ornamental cherry trees that line a neighborhood street. The trees aren’t really blooming yet, only a very few of the buds have opened at all so far. So this one was the among the first, and I count it a good omen of what is to come: longer days, the sounds of the frogs at night looking for love, flowers becoming abundant, warm days. In a few weeks, we’ll be there. I am ready to welcome it all.

With love,



The Reverend Doctor Linda Ann Hart
The Reverend Doctor Linda Ann Hart