Hart to Heart: Beatitudes for Our Time


Words from Carter Heyward that remind me of what is essential.

Christmas Beatitudes 2016

By Carter Heyward

Blessed are those who are kind, especially when it’s hard

Blessed are those angry for justice in situations of unfairness and oppression,

Blessed are the compassionate in times of hatred,

Blessed are those who speak honestly when pummeled by lies — and who seek truth when confronted by fake news,

Blessed are those who keep their courage in the face of belligerent bullies,

Blessed are women who stand up to abusive men — and men who stand with, not on, women,

Blessed are the queer who do not walk straight and narrow paths,

Blessed are black lives — and white lives who know that black lives matter,

Blessed are the earth and animals among those indifferent to their well-being,

Blessed are non-violent resisters whose enemies hope you will pick up guns,

Blessed are you when people shake their heads because you refuse to accept authoritarian rulers as “normal,”

Blessed are you peacemakers who refuse cheap grace,

You are daughters and sons of the Sacred,

brothers and sisters of Jesus,

friends of the Spirit,

Salaam. Shalom. Peace.