Hart to Hearts: Being Born Again

My colleague Lynn Ungar shared this poem on Facebook, noting “Here’s a poem for the solstice. Or the election. Or whatever.”

My “whatever” is hope. Lynn’s website is at the bottom of the blog in case you want to look up more of her work.

Born Again by Lynn Ungar, 12/20/16

Let’s be clear about this:

It isn’t the same as being sick
and getting better. It isn’t
changing your mind at the last minute
or pushing away from the brink.
The only way to be born again
is to die. The Phoenix doesn’t just
go up in a blaze of glory. It
feels the fire lick up and sizzle
every feather, until each quill becomes
a column of flame carried straight to the core.
Whatever the legend of re-birth, there is always
time in the fire, under the ground,
hanging on the cross or the tree.
Don’t skip over that part of the story.
If you would be reborn, you have to die.
But what then? After the dying
how are we to rise again into new life?
The earth, the hero, the god, you and I—
how does any of us find our way back
from the Valley of the Shadow?
The same way we die:
Walk into the light.