Hart to Hearts: Dance

My colleague, the Reverend Theresa Ines Soto, lifts up hope by reminding us both that the Universe has been waiting for us, and that it may be hard work right about now.


Finally, you

There are a lot of things that
are not going to work out. Planet
probes, Jean Claude Van Damme
movies, and Dorito-flavored soda.
But you. The universe has been
waiting for you all this time.
Finally, you’re here. Finally it’s now.
Are there enough words of
Abundance to say what a
brimmingly wonderful thing this is?
Your gifts, your light. Bring them to
your place. I am rooting for
You. 100%. If it seems hard,
sometimes it is. I’ll be here to
Shout a good word.
If it feels heavy,
that’s not a lie. Show me
The corner that I can lift.
If you need a rest, that’s fair.
I’ll be here when you get back.
After eons and ages,
this is our moment,
We can do one right thing
and then the next.
All the while
The stars will shine;
the moon will smile,
and we can still