Hart to Hearts: What Gets Us Through

The words of Ann Tyndall are important as we prepare for a new year:


This morning I walked the dog up the street.  It was a perfect winter’s morning.  An icy breeze was blowing.  Clouds were gathered in the sky.  As the sun rose the greywhite sky turned to rosy smoke.  The sun finally appeared in the east.  Nothing extraordinary, but the moment offered a blessing on the new day.

Such blessings have been given daily for more millions of years than we can ever imagine.

I am reminded that what will get us through times of rapid change, hard times, times of uncertainty, dangerous times will be our ability to be blessed and fed by abiding things:

the manifold blessings of the sun rising in the morning
the song of a bird heard as if for the first time
the stillness of the night
the smile of a baby offered to you as if she had been waiting for you
the faithfulness of lovers and friends;
the hand outstretched in reconciliation, trembling, touching through the barriers of estrangement
healing again and again

the persistence of Love
the persistence of Love
the persistence of Love

In this new year
May you know more blessings than curses.
May your hand reach out more than clench.
May you be claimed more by love than indifference, more by hope than by fear or cynicism.
May the creative power rise up in you, grounding you and guiding you to the border of what is yet possible for you, those close to you and the world.

May the new year begin bright and may the days that follow be blessed by that which abides always.