Hart to Hearts: Hope from the Ancestors, Part 1

rosa_parksWe have all sorts of ancestors.  For me, the heroes of the Civil Rights movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s are precious ancestors from whom I draw hope.  Their persistence, their faithfulness, their organization inspire me and remind me what ordinary people can do every day.

Today’s hopefulness comes from Rosa Parks.  I honor her preparation for her moment in the spotlight.  She was a longtime activist in her community.  She believed in the cause of empowerment of the negro community.  After attending Freedom School, creating strategies, building resilience and community connection, she refused to move on the Montgomery bus on this day all those years ago.  That one action initiated the Montgomery Bus Boycott which eventually brought about dramatic, unexpected change in that community and that then created more protests and boycotts and marches.  The world is forever different.

Hope grows from the still-unfinished work of our ancestors.