Hart to Hearts: Hope in Small Acts


I too often forget that there are so many small moments that create something more like justice and love and peace in the world. Here’s a perfect example.

I suspect many of us wouldn’t want to be out in crazy cold weather (I don’t live in Maine for a reason), and might think that 5 or 6 people standing with signs would be mostly useless. It’s true for me on my worse days.

But acts such as these matter in the world. Sometimes we even get to find out how they matter. Here’s a case where we can see it clear as day.

Thanks to my colleague Erika Hewitt for sharing this. It gives me hope.


17 degrees, so our anti-racism vigil lasted just half an hour. A man pulled over and started taking pictures (not unusual), but he was more deliberate and reverent than most. I saw his smile, and heard what was likely a Middle Eastern accent when he told me that his son-in-law is black and just bought a house in the Boston area. When he moved in, a neighbor began harassing him by playing Dixie while walking & driving past.

Our visitor had just read this on Facebook, feeling upset, when he drove past and saw us (4 people) with signs. Now he knows he’s not alone. Now he knows that we’re here, and we’re watching our community. Now he knows that at least two congregations in town have his back.

Totally worth it.

What will you do today?