Hart to Hearts: Hope from Other Voices

Author Sherman Alexie is a favorite of mine.  His willingness to speak the truth through his fiction, his poetry, and films connects with me.  In an interview with The Stranger, he reflects on the role of the arts in resistance movements:

I’m not one of those artist-writers who thinks they have any real power. I’m laughing because they’ve already begun the calls for Poets Against Trump anthologies—talk about the most powerless gesture in the history of the world. But what we can do with art is become spiritual boosters. I think we can be spiritually nourishing even if we have no political power. We end up being the equivalent of noise-canceling headphones.

That Sherman Alexie and all the artists and creators of beauty provide us spiritual nourishment and the equivalent of noise-canceling headphones gives me both inspiration and hope.

I’m wearing a little bit of that hope every day now.  My safety pin (pictured) came from a local artist and reminds me of the diversity and love that I want to embody, and reminds me to be there for those who need care and support.




Read the whole interview with Sherman Alexie here:  http://www.thestranger.com/artandperformance/2016/12/06/24722729/sherman-alexie-talks-about-writing-in-the-era-of-trump