Hart to Hearts: AND — A Thanksgiving Message

The cranberry chutney has been loaded into a jar, the pie is still cooling in anticipation of eating tomorrow. We have gathered up all the ingredients and are now in the place of waiting for tomorrow.and

My gratitude seems endless at this moment: for my family, my friends, my congregation, work that is satisfying and meaningful, a warm home, enough food to eat, my beloved animals, and more beyond counting up.

The worries of the world – they are many at this moment – are piled around me. I needn’t recount them for you. I suspect that you, too, are fingering your rosary of worries muttering, wishing for incantations to shout out to make a real difference.


It’s an important word right now. There is much to fear. And life is precious. There seems to be so much danger. And there are companions who are with us, whose love strengthens us and gives us courage and hope.

As you gather with friends and family, or as you take time on your own over this holiday weekend, pay most attention to your ands, perhaps share them with each other, tweet them out to your followers, note it in your status update, call a friend across the country and let them know that they’re part of your and.

May the day be blessed for you. Know that when I say and, I include you all, every time.

Happy Thanksgiving,