How Will We Then Thrive?

Spring is here. We enjoy more light each day. We see buds and new growth in forests and parks, gardens, and backyards. Our wonderful corner of Cascadia is feeling new energy and creating this year’s version of what it means to be the rain-soaked, ocean-fueled, mountain-encircled, salmon-growing jewel that we call home.

Spring is here. We have called Linda to be our settled minister. We have declared our vision to be a deeply engaged spiritual community that transforms lives by our witness and action in Pierce County and beyond. Our congregation is feeling new energy and is intent on creating the best version of Tahoma UU Congregation that we can offer to one another and to the world.

In our congregation’s covenant of right relations, we commit to offer our stewardship to enable the church and its programs to flourish. We do this by engaging with one another create and sustain the worship, religious exploration, and community-building programs of TUUC. We do this by supporting one another in taking action and bearing witness toward our vision of social justice. And we do this by making financial contributions to sustain our community.

At our March meeting, the Board of Trustees developed a proposed budget for our operating fund for the year ahead, from July 2017 to June 2018. Members’ pledges of financial support – thoughtfully made and faithfully kept – are the primary source of revenue for our operating fund. The Board’s proposal is that we increase our pledge revenue about 20% above this year’s amount to support the staff, facilities, and programs by which we achieve our mission. This increase in revenue provides:

  • Fair compensation to our newly settled minister, supporting her service to the congregation and to the growth of community connections through which TUUC will transform Pierce County and the world
  • Fair compensation to a church staff team that sustains our congregation’s religious exploration programs and maintains our facilities
  • Improved support for the Unitarian Universalist Association and its Pacific Northwest District.

As we enter the season of the annual budget drive, please consider what financial commitment you can make to take TUUC Above and Beyond where we have been and into the flourishing future that we have envisioned for our community.

Happy Spring!



Scott Redman

President, Board of Trustees