Looking to the New Year

The Reverend Doctor Linda Ann Hart

Beloved friends,

The coronavirus and its waves are hard to predict and the Board, staff, and I continue to navigate through this time. After being in person on December 5th, we’ve seen volatility in the number of cases (https://covidactnow.org/us/washington-wa/county/pierce_county/?s=26811580), and following the policies we’ve set up (https://www.tahomauu.com/tuuc-coming-together-risk-levels-novmeber-18-2021/), and given the holidays, we will be postponing returning in person until at least the beginning of January.

Join us for our online Christmas Eve service at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, December 24th, and then again online on Sunday, December 26th to hear the (by that time) Reverend Erien Babcock explore “Keeping Our Light” for our Sunday service.

As we count down to the new year, we watch as the earth tilts and moment by moment until the light comes north again. How ever you celebrate (or don’t) this time of year, may it be a time of kindness and love that continues to open you to wonder and grace that abides even in the hard and confusing and frustrating times.

Blessings of the season to you all,