Pacific Northwest District and Unitarian Universalist Association News

Pacific Northwest District News

Bob Hays and I recently attended the annual Pacific Northwest District meeting (via Zoom). The PNW District covers four time zones and serves congregations scattered over more than 822,000 square miles in Alaska, western Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. It is one of four districts in the Pacific Western Region. The meeting focused (other than the usual program and financial updates) on two topics: the next step in moving toward regionalization and the inspiring initiatives of some of the congregations in the district.

You can click here to read more about regionalization and you will find an opportunity to participate in the discussion at the Love Right Through Hub. We encourage you to do so. These stories capture congregation commitment to our purposes and principles. Bravo!

Bob and I came away from the meeting with somewhat different thoughts about regionalization and we agreed on many of the presented positives: conservation of human effort (staff), ability to equalize resources throughout the region and the opportunity to create a more welcoming space for all with a larger pool of people. Bob made a very good point that it is very important how regionalization will be implemented. The UUA Western region is huge – the largest of all the regions. How will we make sure

that the very diverse needs of all (from Hawaii to Alaska to Idaho to Colorado) are heard and addressed? How will staff be able to serve a geographic area that is almost half the country? Those are just some of the questions that I have and plan to ask at the Love Right Through Hub. That said, the meeting participants passed a by-law change that provides a process for the PNW District members to dissolve the district. To be clear, this was not a vote to dissolve the district.

If you would like to keep current with district and regional news, consider subscribing to the Pacific Western Region newsletter and checking the PNW District site regularly.

UUA News

Last year I vowed to make sure that TUUC would be well-represented at the 2021 UUA General Assembly: Justice Healing Courage (June 23 – June 27). Well . . . my intentions are there, but I just didn’t manage to follow through with all the other work – hard work – the Board has been doing and, honestly, the impact of these past 15 months on my emotional reserves and physical energy. I don’t know about you, but I am often tired – just bone and soul weary.

The good news is that registration is still open and because the event is virtual, you can attend from your living room, your deck, your porch, your garden or even your bed with your covers pulled up to your chin! This year, there is even a mobile app! General Assembly (GA) can be just the ticket to energize and inspire. We are visiting our kids and grandkids on the East coast for the first time in almost two years or I would be in the “front row.” Please consider attending and if you are interested in being a delegate who represents TUUC at business meetings, contact Church Administrator Libby Ball or the Board. It has truly been a provocative and inspirational experience for me the many times I have attended.

With deep care and respect,

Cindy Hackett, President, Board of Trustees