Partners in Transformation

About a year ago, the Tahoma UU Congregation entered into a partnership with the Vashon Island Unitarian Fellowship. Our minister, Linda Hart, works with their Board and provides worship service support to the community at Vashon. Both congregations are supporting, and receiving the benefits of, Matt Aspin’s ministerial internship.

In early April, the Boards of the two congregations met at the Vashon Island Unitarian Fellowship. Linda led Board members and Matt through an engaging morning of discussions in which we learned about one another (individuals and congregations) and considered ways to make connections to broaden and strengthen our partnership.

That morning left me with great hope for our spiritual community and for the future of Unitarian Universalism in this part of Puget Sound. Reflecting on the morning as I cycled back home through Tacoma, I made note of:

  • The great diversity of experiences that inform our lives as UUs
  • The wonderful combination of strength and humility, patience and tenacity that defines the character of TUUC
  • The sense of hope and affirmation that builds when we gather with others

In the weeks, months, and years ahead, we will have opportunities to socialize with and work alongside our UU neighbors from Vashon. Let’s take up these opportunities with gusto.

In partnership, we’ll help our neighbors.

In partnership, we’ll learn about ourselves – and the world – as we engage with these neighbors.

In partnership, we’ll find new energy, strength, and innovative approaches for TUUC’s ministries from UU membership to religious exploration to social justice.

It may be only a small step, but this partnership can help us to transform the world. Please join in.


Scott Redman

President, Board of Trustees