Hope, Peace, Joy, Love – President’s Blog for December 2017

In this season of giving, I hope you will share my joy at the generosity our TUUC community has extended toward our neighbor—Horace Mann Elementary School. I am so proud of what we, together, have been able to do for them just in the last few months including the book drive, the coat drive, and finally the toy drive. All of us, together, have gone above and beyond to provide for these children. Most recently we met every single request on the sharing tree, including a child’s and adult’s bicycle. Additionally, we donated over $300 in cash to use for Safeway cards and other urgent needs among their families.

Skip and I came from a Christian background before finding TUUC. What sticks with me most from all the Christmas traditions we experienced in our previous churches is the Advent wreath. To me this wreath is the very essence of what this season is all about. Every Sunday a new candle is lit. The first symbolizes HOPE, the second PEACE, the third JOY, and the fourth LOVE.  These are the wishes we send out on our Christmas cards every year and I extend them to you with heartfelt thanks to each of you for making TUUC the very special community it is today.

Merry Christmas to all you and best wishes for a happy, healthy, sane New Year!

Barbara Tripp

TUUC Board President