Questions, Questions, Questions!

On Sunday, August 12, I answered questions generated in the service.  I collected up index cards that had questions written on them and selected the ones that I would answer.  As it turned out, it was only a few questions out of the big stack that got turned in.  It was suggested that the questions be shared more broadly, so here is the list of questions:

We hear a lot about self care in these times and I read a lot of suggestions. It’s not working so well for me! Do you have any?

What is our place in the family of things?

How do you deal with your own prejudice?

What is the UU definition of sin?

If Christianity deals with hurt, guilt and forgiveness, and Buddhism deals with suffering, Hinduism promotes compassion, what spiritual issue does Islam deal with and what solution does it promote?

Tell us about optimism in general and yours.

What do U Us believe about the afterlife?

Aside from 45, what is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?

What is the best or easiest way to show love and acceptance to someone whose beliefs are so different from your own?

How do we begin conversations with folks with whom we can’t even agree on basic facts? How do we counter ‘fake news’?

Is there such a thing as pre-destination?

Despite our ability to distinguish ourselves from other Christian faiths with a unique message, we are not growing in numbers. Why?

As nonbelievers in America approach 30%, will the number of UUs in America increase?

How many Unitarians are there in the US or the world?

Can you teach me how to use personal energy to throw those “energy balls” from my hands?

We U Us pride ourselves on being tolerant. What’s the ‘tolerant’ response to hate, racism, neo-Nazis?

Can we be a ‘sanctuary church’ for undocumented persons at risk of deportation?

What made you become a minister? When did you realize it’s what you wanted to do?

How do you interpret the phrase ‘loss of innocence’?

How to bring hope to depressed and chronically ill people?

What have been your greatest lessons throughout your years as a minister?

Why do you think people cling, literally, to stories in the Bible like the great flood, etc, as really happening?

What causes people to prefer looking at a screen for outreach, connection, entertainment or whatever rather than an eye-to-eye or physical connection? Can we change this trend?

What is wrong with our species that makes us so willing to do harm to another and our world?

Pope Francis said that the death penalty should be no more: “No man ever, not even the murderer loses his dignity, because God is a father who always awaits the return of the son…” What kind of prison reform, if any, should we be working on?

Does Buddhism mean giving up on challenging world problems by their peaceful teachings?

Can someone who had been hurt emotionally (past romantic relationships or other sacred connections broken, use spirituality to restore their hearts and ability to love freely without fear?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Can you re-phrase that into UU language?

I was wondering about a choir – even 3, 4, 5. Also a ukulele or guitar playing is good.

Can we invite other churches especially in the summer when attendance is down?

Are you up or down today?

What spiritual journey have you taken outside Unitarian Universalism?