Resources for Coming Together Guidelines

Coming Together Guidelines are living documents and as COVID situations change in our county, the guidelines will change. Below are some of the primary resources and recommendations utilized to create and inform guidelines for TUUC. The resource pages are periodically updated.

TUUC Coming Together Guidelines:

  • Are aimed at minimizing the risk of COVID transmission to the most vulnerable among us.
  • Honor that our congregants have varying levels of comfort when participating in face-to-face gatherings.
  • Support what we value most about coming together in person — one another’s well-being, safety, and company.
  • Encourage all members of our community to get vaccinated against COVID-19 to serve the greater good of public health and safety. And, we respect each person’s/family’s liberty to determine their personal vaccination preferences.

We are a beloved community of soulful people covering a spectrum of ages, genders, sexual preferences, beliefs, desires, talents, and more. We are a beloved Unitarian Universalist faith community guided by seven core principles and congregational covenants that challenge us to interact respectfully with care towards each other and the world. And we are a beloved community that desires to come together in-person after a long interruption, and to do so as safely as possible during this pandemic as we practice loving kindness, patience, humility, and grace.

During this season of the Delta variant, our highest priority is to create an environment that feels as safe as possible for as many people in our congregation as possible. We understand, and encourage the congregation to understand, that given the limited size of our facility and air systems our program offerings will continue to be adjusted or limited in scope.