Resources for Talking to Your Children About Race

On Sunday, the congregation was challenged to wear a Black Lives Matter button for a month.  During a discussion in which we considered how to respond to people who may comment, one participant asked about resources for talking about race and this challenge with her child.  As it is sometimes a difficult topic of conversation for white families, we collected a few resources.  I hope they help!

Indigo Lewis, our Director of Religious Explorations, found these for your use:

NPR panel interview on the anniversary of MLK Jr.’s death about when and how to talk to your kids about race and racism:

Lots of resources for teachers here:

5 Tips for Talking to Kids About Racism from Parenting Magazine:

Talking to Our Children about Racism and Diversity from

14 Children’s Books Exploring Race and Racism:

Racial Justice Resources gathered by the UUA: