Safe Parking Volunteers Needed

The TUUC Safe Parking Team (aka TUUC Subcommittee on Housing Insecurity) offers you a way to act on your values and commitment to our UU principles. We are on site every day in teams of two. Our tasks include:

  • Checking on the condition of the sanitation station (porta potty and handwashing station) and making sure both have all necessary supplies.
  • Checking on the condition of the grounds and picking up trash.
  • Completing a report which includes any observations/information needed for the next day’s team.

We do not necessarily initiate interaction with guests who are on site – this is their home and we do not want to intrude on their privacy – but may greet them with a “Good morning” or a “Good afternoon” and we are available to listen to questions and/or concerns. Volunteer training is available.

We are looking for volunteers to commit to a specific day of the week for at least a two-week period. Teams can determine what time of day they will meet. Our guests may park from 4pm to 10am. It’s useful to be there when they might be there in case they have a question or a concern. So, for example, a team may be on site at 9:30am or 4:30 pm, whatever works for them.

We also host work parties to tidy up the grounds and could definitely use lot mowing volunteers. There is an electric mower (not cordless) available.

TUUC is making a difference to those who are living in their cars and in our neighborhood. We look forward to hearing from you and look forward to new volunteers joining our merry band. Please let us know of your interest via email:

Grateful for your support,

The TUUC Subcommittee on Housing Insecurity: Site Host Cat Garretson-Bilnoski, Jim Bilnoski, Breck Lebegue, Mary Berry, Stacey Soltoff, Dave and Cindy Hackett, and Church Administrator Libby Ball