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Love Letters to the Future

What do we want to tell the generations ahead? What do we want to remind ourselves of in the year to come about our deep love for the earth and our shared desire that all living species thrive? We’ll borrow from a set of letters … read more.

When Justice Starts with Just Us

It’s sometimes said that the solution to despair about the world is to find a small way to make a difference for the better. In the same vein, as our justice-making efforts call us to challenge systems of oppression, we can find spiritual grounding and … read more.

Talking to Conservatives

I think we need to reframe our dialogue as we venture out into the larger world. To get the best possible results from a discussion with those whose opinions differ from yours your best opening is a question. Specifically a question that is not confrontational, … read more.

Worship in Song

Join us on May 5th for a special service full of music. We will be singing our favorite hymns and learning a bit about each of them.

Practicing Covenant

This Sunday Rev. Tandi Rogers will explore practicing covenant. What if we stopped thinking about covenant as a set of rules or agreements (noun) and thought about it as a process (verb)? Covenant as a holy agreement that helps us live into being an interdependent … read more.

The Middle Way of Interdependence

What if the urgency of the climate crisis, paradoxically, calls for an end to protest and a deepening of attention to our relations? As human beings, we live with great dependence and vulnerability. And yet we also long for independence. Between independence and dependence in … read more.

Welcome Service and Luncheon

During this service we will welcome New Members and following the service there will be a welcome luncheon in the Social Hall. This luncheon is limited to our new members, board of trustees and membership committee so that all can get acquainted.

Sermon on the Amount

Our services are offered in multi-platform. You can attend in-person OR you can also attend via our online Zoom option.


Join us for worship service via Zoom Webinar at:

Webinar ID: 847 5531 1106, Password: 253

By Phone:

You can also listen on your phone by dialing 253-215-8782 … read more.

Something Judges Us, Something Accepts Us

“Something Judges Us, Something Accepts Us”
“You are perfect the way you are … and you could use a little improvement,” writes Japanese Zen teacher Shunryu Suzuki. This sermon, given at the University Unitarian Church of Seattle, WA on July 9, 2023, explores our interior … read more.