Summer RE & STEAM punk Sundays!

Greetings! Can you believe it is already time to think of summer . . . SUMMER RE that is!

As you may know, the RE program switches into a multi-age model through summer Sundays. Taking inspiration from the creative, innovative, and visionary ideas of Steampunk and STEAM, the Tahoma UU RE Program is excited to announce the summer RE program: STEAM punk Sundays!

STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math—and we’re adding in Music and Movement. Steampunk refers to a genre of fantasy that incorporates technology and design, and imagines it through the lens of a bygone era — a retro-futuristic world if you will. Steampunk embraces creativity, mixing the digital age with handmade.

Honoring our 5th UU source, Science and Reason, we invite you to lead our children and youth through an exploration of ideas that challenge them to shape our world for the better. Our summer program runs 16 Sundays, from May 22nd to September 4th during the worship service. With single stand-alone sessions and a smaller class size, this is a great time to share one of your passions with the Tahoma RE program. You can choose your date and topic of exploration here:     Sign Up Genius

We plan to spend 2 Sundays on each of the following areas: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, Music, & Movement. You are welcome to select one of these areas and plan activities that you would enjoy or collaborate with Indigo. I have tons of ideas and visual pictures if you want something to spark your imagination.

Some STEAM ideas for lessons:

• Science: Lead the children through a basic experiment, demonstrate different chemical reactions, using baking soda/vinegar, etc.

• Technology: Host a take-apart party, where children tinker and take apart old equipment, like phones, clocks, radios, remotes, etc.

• Engineering: Invite children work in teams to build the tallest structures using straws and tape.

• Art: Experiment with different media or methods of painting to create a self-portrait. • Math: Explore different shapes in geometry or try your hand at logic puzzles.

● Music: Experiment with different percussion instruments. Make your own music maker.

● Movement: Lead the children through yoga exercises.

I look forward to working with you over the summer!!

With Warmth, Indigo