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Hart to Hearts: Hope for New Year

The #31daysofhope blogs end as they began with a wish for the new year from Denise Levertov.

Denise Levertov: “For the New Year, 1981”

I have a small grain of hope—
one small crystal that gleams
clear colors out of transparency
I need more.I break … read more.

Hart to Hearts: What Gets Us Through

The words of Ann Tyndall are important as we prepare for a new year:


This morning I walked the dog up the street.  It was a perfect winter’s morning.  An icy breeze was blowing.  Clouds were gathered in the sky.  As the sun rose the … read more.

Hart to Hearts: Hope from the Ancestors III

Woody Guthrie was amazing.  I was probably in my 30’s before I knew that the songs that I thought were ancient folks songs whose authors were lost to the mists of history were written by Woody.  “This Land is Your Land,” I discovered later … read more.

Hart to Hearts: Hope from Doing Our Part

There’s a phrase that Martin Luther King, Jr. picked up from Rev. Theodore Parker.  King’s version was simpler and more powerful:  “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

What is most important seems always to be arduous to achieve.  Learning … read more.

Hart to Hearts: A Christmas Wish

Hope arises from the network of relationships we have.  And my wish for each and everyone is that we can rest in that web of connection.  More specifically, the words of James Curtis return to me every year at Christmas:

I wish for you, all … read more.

Hart to Hearts: Hope in Small Acts II

It was sunny and cold. At the end of the ritual of blessing for someone killed in our community, a small dog came limping up to the gathering. He seemed fearless of the humans chatting with each other in small groups. In fact, he … read more.

Hart to Hearts: Hope from the Ancestors II

Music has the capacity to awaken, enliven and inspire us. This song performed by Sweet Honey in the Rock has been part of the by-heart music that lives within me and gives me hope. We have been in difficult places before, and we continue to … read more.