News from our Board of Trustees President

Of prime importance to us on the Board and all of our Tahoma UU Congregation is Linda’s installation on Sunday, October 29th. Please mark that date in capital letters on your calendar and watch for upcoming details.

We have recently been told that Helen Sohlberg generously made a bequest to the TUUC building fund in her will. While we do not yet know the amount of the donation, we will be forever grateful for her generosity. This seems to be the appropriate impetus to raise awareness of the TUUC Endowment Fund. I will be meeting with our Endowment Fund trustees in the days ahead to discuss ways of making our entire church community better aware of including TUUC in future estate planning.

Following up on our Board retreat last month, we are coming to grips with a new model for TUUC governance. Now that we have a long-term settled minister, it is possible for us to differentiate between governance and ministry. In the months ahead, we on the Board will work to develop governance policies that clarify and strengthen that relationship. This is a positive step as we look to our future.

I would also like to bring you up to date on the TUUC improvement projects that were discussed in broad terms at the annual meeting last spring. At that time, it was suggested that there are now sufficient funds in reserve for us to evaluate and address needed building repairs. A task force led by Bob Hays met over the summer to identify potential projects. Findings included furnace servicing, some electrical issues, the need to paint the church exterior, and roof issues. It has been difficult to obtain competitive bids for all these projects; however, we are close to having some numbers to share with you. Once the Board has heard the final report from this task force, we will make recommendations to the congregation and call a congregational meeting to approve expenditures from the reserves to tackle necessary projects.

In the meantime, the furnaces (yes—did anybody know we have THREE furnaces??) have been serviced, and I am in the process of obtaining a service contract to ensure that this maintenance isn’t overlooked in the future. Rob Ramsey has made progress building the cupboards in the cloak room (looks great—check it out), and Bob Hays has obtained competitive bids and committed to a contractor who will make the upstairs bathroom more wheelchair-accessible. Expenditures for both of these projects were approved at the annual meeting.

Thanks to all who have participated in the evaluation and building process.

I also want to remind you that leaves are forever falling this time of year and we need folks to pitch in and do some raking at TUUC. Please just bring a rake anytime and help as you can. No need to plan ahead or let anyone know you are coming. Put raked leaves in the appropriate bins at the front of the parking lot. It’s an easy way to make a big difference. Many thanks!

Barbara Tripp

TUUC Board President