TUUC Guidelines to Support Coming Together In-Person – Revised September 16, 2021

Tahoma Unitarian Universalist Congregation

TUUC Guidelines to Support Coming Together In-Person – Revised September 16, 2021


We are a beloved community of soulful people covering a spectrum of ages, genders, sexual preferences, beliefs, desires, talents, and more. We are a beloved Unitarian Universalist faith community guided by seven core principles and congregational covenants that challenge us to interact respectfully with care towards each other and the world. And we are a beloved community that desires to come together in-person after a long interruption, and to do so as safely as possible during this pandemic as we practice loving kindness, patience, humility, and grace.

During this season of the Delta variant, our highest priority is to create an environment that feels as safe as possible for as many people in our congregation as possible. We understand, and encourage the congregation to understand, that given the limited size of our facility and air systems our program offerings will continue to be adjusted or limited in scope.

The Coming Together Team offers these guidelines for how we gather, which we hope will help align the congregation’s expectations and practices for gathering together with our Unitarian Universalist principles, our congregational covenants, and the current limitations of our church facilities and grounds.

With this in mind, we ask that all members and friends of TUUC bear in mind that these guidelines:

  • Are a living document – as COVID situations change in our county, the guidelines will change.
  • Take into account the current recommendations from the UUA, the CDC, and the Tacoma/Pierce County Health Department.
  • Are aimed at minimizing the risk of COVID transmission to the most vulnerable among us.
  • Honor that our congregants have varying levels of comfort when participating in face-to-face gatherings.
  • Support what we value most about coming together in person — one another’s well-being, safety, and company.
  • Encourage all members of our community to get vaccinated against COVID-19 to serve the greater good of public health and safety. And, we respect each person’s/family’s liberty to determine their personal vaccination preferences.

For all gatherings at TUUC, we ask that a leader be identified who will take responsibility to:

  • Ensure all participants have access to hand sanitizer.
  • Keep a list of participants’ contact information:
  • Ask participants to contact the leader if they test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days after the event.
  • Contact participants if someone who attended tests positive during that 14-day period.
  • Write a brief recap of the event for the ENews – when appropriate – to entice people to participate in future gatherings. Send to Church Administrator Libby Ball by the Tuesday after the event. Photos are welcome!
  • Share any insights from the gathering with the Coming Together Team (TUUCComingTogether@gmail.com).


Outdoor Gathering Guidelines (Revised August 26, 2021)

Being together outdoors provides the lowest risk environment for all ages, stages and abilities. Outdoor gatherings might include a few hours at a local park, a beach walk, a gathering in the church parking lot, etc.

Please follow these guidelines when gathering together outdoors:

  1. Take care of yourself and others by staying home if you are not feeling well.
  2. Masks are required for all participants 3 years and older during outdoor gatherings.
  3. Ask the person(s) you are talking with if your physical spacing is comfortable for them; find compassion when someone lets you know you might be too close.
  4. Note your name and contact information on the group’s sign-in sheet so the group leader can contact you if needed.
  5. Use good hygiene: wash your hands frequently; use hand sanitizer; use sanitizing wipes on shared objects.
  6. Provide your own beverages and snacks.

Small Group Indoor Gathering Guidelines (Approved September 16, 2021)

Please follow these guidelines when gathering together indoors:

  1. At this time, the only location we can authorize for any church group gathering is the sanctuary of our building.
  2. Take care of yourself and others by staying home if you are not feeling well, or if you may have been exposed to COVID in the past 14 days.
  3. Participants age 3 and older must wear masks at all times inside the building.
  4. All gatherings must take place in the sanctuary only, with HVAC system turned on, all windows open, fans in front of windows blowing fresh air, and HEPA air purifiers within the group circle turned on.
  5. Please limit the size of your group to 8 participants (including facilitators) and arrange chairs 6 feet apart. Maintain 6’ social distancing throughout the gathering. Groups wishing to have more than 8 people will need to obtain permission from staff.
  6. Please limit the gathering to 2 hours or less.
  7. Please refrain from eating or drinking inside the building.
  8. Please follow posted washroom use guidelines.
  9. Singing even while masked is not considered safe at this time. No singing inside the church, but do consider hand clapping, movement, rhythm instruments, etc.
  10. Participants should add their name and contact information to the group leader’s sign-in sheet so they can be contacted in case of exposure.
  11. Wash hands frequently; use hand sanitizer; use sanitizing wipes on shared objects and surfaces.