Coming Together Update for September 14, 2021

Tahoma Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Coming Together Update

Over the past several weeks, a growing number of us have been realizing that we’ll likely be living with the risks of COVID for the foreseeable future.  While we hope that enough of us will become fully vaccinated as soon as possible to effect a herd immunity in our region and allow the greater good of public health and safety for all to be known, we know that is not yet the case.

With our unvaccinated children returning to schools for in person learning, we’re all watching the next several weeks closely to see how it may impact the larger Pierce County community. At this time, the Coming Together Team remains especially mindful of those households with children, and we hold them in our hearts and minds as the coming weeks unfold.

For now, Pierce County’s risk for COVID transmission remains very high. Please check out Pierce County’s current risk level here. Until the risk level falls to “high” or below, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to open the entire church building. So instead, we are creating indoor gathering guidelines for using our sanctuary for small group gatherings as soon as possible, so those of us who feel safe gathering in small groups may have the option to do so in our sanctuary. For example, our Chalice Circles will be starting up in October, with in person and online options available.

We’re also continuing to coordinate interior cleaning, painting, AV equipment upgrades for ongoing online services, restroom repairs, window repairs, as well as getting a comprehensive assessment of our building’s HVAC system completed, which will help inform the congregation’s short-term and long-term COVID safety/building plans.

Most of all, we want to thank you. Thank you one and all for joining our outdoor gatherings on Sundays at Wapato Lake Park and other outdoor rambles, for gathering online throughout each week to keep our spiritual service as a congregation moving, and for continuing to share your ideas, concerns, and innovations for gathering together with us.

As always, keep checking your ENews and the church calendar for ways to stay connected and involved.


Your Coming Together Team