From the Minister for May 4, 2022

The Reverend Doctor Linda Ann Hart

Beloved Friends,

We continue to gather in multi-platform, and this week is a treat: my favorite (in a non-judgmental, non-hierarchical sort of way) the Rev. Ant (short for Anthony) Howe will be joining us from his home in Wales. After serving a congregation outside of Birmingham, Ant took a position with the Unitarian College as a Tutor guiding and teaching ministers in training and lay worship leaders in the United Kingdom. I trust you’ll find his reflections meaningful. Please join our service on Sunday in-person or online.

As we gather, we ask all those who gather in-person to register before coming (there are always a few extra slots for those who forget or just show up), and to wear a high-quality mask for the whole time you’re inside. One of the values that is guiding our return to in person worship is wanting to continue to protect those who are more vulnerable – the immuno-compromised, and those who cannot be vaccinated such as young children, for example – while being able to worship in person. That means that we will continue limiting the number of people in person, wearing masks, and no singing.

After two years of distance, we are beginning to rebuild our community, and as I noted last week, we need you to make that happen. We’re looking for people to be part of our greeting on Sunday mornings. Let me know at if you’d like to bring your wonderful self to our welcoming team.

Blessings on you all!


Rev. Dr. Linda A. Hart