Introducing Our Tahoma UU Budget Drive

Dear Congregation of TUUC,

I am writing to introduce myself to you as the chair of our 2020 TUUC Budget Drive. Were it not for COVID-19 upending every aspect of our lives, I would have spoken from the podium at TUUC. This year’s budget drive will be conducted in its entirety using recorded videos, emails, and Zoom. Our theme this year is “The Ripple Effect”.

We have an abundance of love at TUUC. I feel it every time I step through the threshold of the building. The love I have found at TUUC inspires my spirit, heart, and mind to be the best version of myself. It is a love that has a ripple effect in my life.

For three weeks, starting March 25th, you will hear from fellow congregants who will share with you how the love they have found here has had a ripple effect in their lives. This will be done via video recordings to do all we can to slow COVID-19. You will also hear from board president, Debbie Cafazzo, and from our minister, Linda Hart. We will have a celebration of our commitment to stewardship of TUUC the fourth week of our Budget Drive, but practicing social distancing, an in-person celebration isn’t possible.

The love we share in being together is not possible without financial support from each us. As Dorothy Day wrote in her poem on commitment, financial support is like “a pebble cast into a pond which causes ripples that spread in all directions”. It’s time to cast your pebble and make your ripples felt both within and beyond the walls of TUUC.

Alana Franklin
Budget Drive Chair